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Bantam Trailers design and manufacture custom vehicle trailers for commercial and private use.

Bantam Trailers
Bantam Trailers
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Our Customized Products

Custom and Hand Built, to suit your needs.

Each Trailer has got its own Galvanized Chassis and all the Bodies are also built from Galvanized Sheeting.

Customized products can include Roof racks, Gas Bottle holders, Jerry Can Holders, Rear Mounted Spare Wheel Carriers, Fridge Slides and various Off-Road and Camping Accessories to suit your requirements.

We also undertake general light steel work such as LCD TV Monitor Screen brackets, builder's concrete shutters, rollers, etc etc.

Customising a Trailer For You

Building a Heritage of Quality, Value, and Design Excellence

Over the years, four things have remained the same for us. That's our commitment to:

  • Quality Construction
  • Design Excellence
  • Superior Value
  • Personal attention and supervision

We know that the right trailer, with the right features and equipment, will greatly enhance your work or play experience. When you compare what makes us different from the competition - necessities like versatility, features, construction, style and value - it will lead you to choose a Bantam.

As we build Custom designed Trailers, designing the Trailer together with you as the Customer plays an important role in our quality assurance plan. Feedback and ideas solicited from customers is used to find ways to improve all of our trailers. All ideas are evaluated to determine suitability and feasibility i.e. is it functional and practical for you as the Customer, can it be produced cost effectively and can it be operated in complete safety. Production starts once these concerns are satisfied. Specialised components are used and developed, structural strengths calculated and stresses analyzed.

We believe that the true value of our products can only be determined by our confidence, the satisfaction of our clients and that our client's expectations will be totally satisfied, by our Trailer's outstanding performance.

We further firmly believe there is no substitute for Quality therefore we run a hands on business with personal supervision on a daily basis. Bantam Trailer owners can have confidence in their Trailers because they know we stand behind our products and that we treat our clients always in the best way humanly possible. Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

BANTAM TRAILERS offers you a wide selection of Luggage Trailers, Motorcycle Trailers, Container Trailers, Off-Road Trailers and general Transport and Live Stock Trailers. Choose from Standard or Custom Finishes for transporting your Motorcycles, Quad Bikes, Go Carts, Construction Equipment, Lawn mowers, Household items or any other Equipment.


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