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Bantam Trailers design and manufacture custom vehicle trailers for commercial and private use.

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About Bantam Trailers

Since the early 1960's Bantam Trailers has been committed to quality. Bantam Trailers is run by the Botha Family - father Louis and two sons, Johann (Managing member) and Louis - who have a wide spread of experience in the construction, off road, transport markets and outdoors life style. We can say with confidence – “been there, done that “. Quite a number of our employees have 10 years and more service experience with Bantam Trailers.

As our reputation for quality, value, and durability grew, so did our customer base and product line. Customers are calling from around the country enquiring and wanting our Custom Hand Built Trailers. Lately we have grown to become a highly regarded and respected manufacturing force in the enclosed trailer industry. We produce a full range of work and recreation trailers to suit all requirements.

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Here are a few more reasons:

  • BANTAM TRAILERS All Galvanized Steel Construction - Never Rust!!
  • Galvanized Steel BANTAM TRAILERS are Durable so that you will Get More Years of Service under even Severe Vending Conditions.
  • BANTAM TRAILERS strive to build of the Strongest Trailers on the market. Lightweight yet Durable, BANTAM’S Steel or Stainless Steel Trailers are Custom-Built to your specifications to withstand South African Conditions.Choose from a variety of options or come and discuss your specific needs with us, as they are “Tailor” made to suit your needs.
  • You can personally be part of the Building Process. A BANTAM TRAILER is built to be proud of.
  • Guaranteed for 5 Years

The Answer is Hot Dipped Galvanizing:

A hot dip galvanised coating is formed by a metallurgical reaction between molten zinc and suitably cleaned steel. Should the steel not be suitably cleaned the chemical reaction will not take place. Hot dip galvanising for this reason is known as the ‘honest’ coating, ‘if it looks good it is good,’ says Terry Smith of the Hot Dip Galvanisation Association.

The durability of a hot dip galvanised coating is determined by the degree of corrosion of metallic zinc in a specific environment and the thickness of the coating. Corrosion of zinc is normally uniform, thus durability of a hot dip galvanised coating is predictable in most applications.


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