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    Since 1963

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    We are the only South African trailer manufacturer to give 5 years of guarantee on all our trailers.

    Big enough to deliver

    Small enough to care

    Addicted to coffee?

    We manufacture a wide range of catering and food trailers.

    Bespoke Events Trailers

    Mobile ticket offices, stage trailers, exhibition trailers, emergency response units, we have the right kind of experience for any challenge.


    Bantam Trailers specializes in designing and manufacturing custom trailers that meets the specific needs of our clients, whether it's private individuals or corporate organisations. 

    With over 50 years in custom trailer experience, we have a proven track record of delivering a promise of exceptional quality, outstanding customer service and superior value you can count on.

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    Bantam Trailers, established in 1963, is one of the leading manufacturers in South Africa providing trailers, accessories, and towing products. Our business continues to grow based on the following pillars:

    Personal Approach

    Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

    Bantam Trailer owners can have confidence in their Trailers because they know we stand behind our products and that we treat our clients always in the best way humanly possible. 

    Superior Value


    We place special emphasis on value.


    Our product lines are high quality, functionally efficient, stylish, and affordable. We sell, service, repair, maintain, and offer parts and accessories from established suppliers who have a track record of integrity and fair warranty administration.

    Quality Construction


    We are quality driven by experience.


    When you compare what makes us different from our competitors - necessities like quality, versatility, features, construction, style and value, will lead you to choose a Bantam Trailer.

    Design Excellence


    Designing the trailer together with our clients plays an important role in our quality assurance plan.


    Feedback and ideas solicited from clients is used to find ways to improve all of our trailers. All ideas are evaluated to determine suitability and feasibility i.e. is it functional and practical for you as the client, can it be produced cost effectively and can it be operated in complete safety.

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  • Our Clients

    Great Adventure comes standard with every Bantam Trailer as does its unmatched style and durability, unlimited options and exclusive features.


    That is why Bantam Trailers is the overwhelming choice of people everywhere. Previous clients in countries as far as Seychelles, Tanzania and Angola can vouch for quality and service satisfaction. We are also a proud supplier to City of Cape Town for their trailer needs.


    We pride ourselves to mention that existing clients include companies such as Shoprite / Checkers, Computicket, Atlatech Marine Engineering, Airport Handling Services, Compaction Services, Clean Bin, Wasteman, Hyundai, Wasteplan / Enviro-Serve, WP Rugby Union, Honda Centres, City of Cape Town, Multichoice, Addidas, Pepsi, Wimpy and numerous private companies and individual clients.

  • Types of Trailers

    We design and manufacture custom trailers to fit your requirements.

    We guarantee quality, workmanship and service.

    Bicycle Trailers

    We’ve built custom bicycle trailers for adventure companies, tour operators and schools. These trailers, built to your specification are lightweight and strong. Latest designs cater for up to 40 bicycles stored in an upright position, perfect for events such as the ABSA Cape Epic or Cape Town Cycle Tour.

    Bike Trailers

    Securely transport your motorcycles and other recreational equipment with a stylish Bantam Trailer. Choose from open or enclosed trailers or opt for a Bantam container trailer for those trips further away from home. Our motorcycle trailers are versatile and can be used for various other applications when not in use as a bike trailer.

    Boat Trailers

    Our custom boat trailers are built to suit your need, fully galvanized and colour coded upon request. We build to match your old trailer or design a fresh modern trailer with added features and specifications such as coupler and axle upgrades, drum brakes to disk brakes upgrades.

    When it comes to boating we understand.

    Catering Trailers

    With our high quality mobile kitchen trailers, you will undoubtedly increase profits and ease your preparation. We will save you time & money by building a customized trailer to your specification. A fully fitted kitchen that accommodates 2-4 people inside includes counters, storage, grillers, deep fryers, refrigeration and a fold-down counter for your customers.

    Commercial Trailers

    Flatbed trailers are ideal for transporting furniture or big cargo. Transporters, ideal for the AGRI market are versatile yet economical and can be used for water tanks, generators, construction tools and garden services. Our car transporters are built for anything from Mini tot a Range Rover, up to 3500kg GVM. Options for stow-a-way ramps, stabilizer jacks and winch available.

    Container Trailers

    Normally used by couriers and bus companies, these enclosed trailers are dust proof and ideal for transporting valuable cargo, parcels, luggage & even water. They range from 750Kg GVM – 3500Kg GVM and come in single, double or triple axle with drum brakes, disk brakes or even airbrakes.

    Domestic Trailers

    For private and business use, these are easy to tow trailers for luggage, ranging from 5ft to 8ft, single or double axle. We have a basic trailer as well as a deluxe model, which includes a nose cone, tailgate and spare wheel. Usually fitted with 13” wheels, we have custom options for mag wheels also available.

    Industrial Trailers

    These trailers are specifically built for the industrial market. When you require strength and value, the Bantam Industrial series trailers lives up to its promise. This series is built to work, using a channel iron main frame, tubing cross members, and heavy-duty axles that can bear the load.

    Live Stock Trailers

    Ideal for any size or type of operation, our livestock trailers make life on the farm so much easier, whether you're hauling horses, cattle, dogs, sheep or other animals. These trailers are designed and built with precision to ensure they will last a lifetime under the most difficult hauling conditions.

    Semi Off-Road Trailers

    You can call it a luggage trailer with attitude. It’s 1250mm wide and come standard with a nose cone, front flip lid, unique removable divider between main load box and the nose cone, 13” mag wheels, 1250Kg un-braked axles and 1150Kg leaf springs. Loads of optional extras are available such as 14” mag wheels, 15” A/T tires and wheels, load bars, gas bottles and much more.

    Off-Road Trailers

    Our famous off-road trailers have 7 compartments with more than enough space for all your camping equipment. They are custom built for you, exactly according to your preference. They come fully kitted with tent, refrigerator etc. or basic with no extras. Optional extras and possibilities are too much to mention. Please contact us for a free quote or consultation. 

    Special Trailers

    These trailers and projects are built according to your needs and purpose. A thorough study of the requirements gets undertaken and all needs are being discussed prior to manufacture.

    Call us: 0861 BANTAM



    Give us a call at 0861 BANTAM or (021) 931 1335/8 or 083 656 6025 or fill in your details below.


    We look forward to working with you to make our passion your solution.


    Our factory address:

    9 Tekstiel Street, Parow Industria, Cape Town


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